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facebook and friendster

topic sentence: facebook and friendster are same in function but they have some differences like appearance, facilities and located.

facebook logo

friendster logo

Today many people have their own homepage to express themselves.Llike example friendster and facebook, they can use these web to make their own page and make or find new friend in there. The function of friendster and facebook are web which use to connect us to our friend and help us to find new friend.  In order they have same function, they have some differences too. The appearance in both web are different, we can design our homepage in friendster. unlike friendster, in facebook we can’t because the appearance in facebook is originally design by the maker. The facilities in facebook more complete than friendster. why? becuase in facebook we can chat with our friend, so we can see whoever online. Besides that we can play some game, if we bored chat with somebody. unlike facebook, in friendster we can’t see who is online in that web and we can’t play some interesting game. Last is The web address, if facebook  located in, but  friendster located in Without this address we can’t access these web. In conclusion, many people have they own homepage in both of these web. But today facebook more popular than friendster. And I prefer to access facebook than friendster because facebook have some facilities that can make you easy to access it.


topic sentence : some reason why people prefer to eat fast food because it’s quickly and easy to prepare also the price is cheaper.

paragraph :

in this time many people like to eat fast food than home made food. why? because it’s more easy to make than the other food, quickly to prepare and cheaper than home made food. for some people who working, eat fast food is same like save time and money. but is fast food save your healthy too?  there are no prove for this. we that eat fast food too much is will decrease our healthy, because fast food contain too much cholesterol and fat. so now many people easy to get heart problem or dieases that have a big risk. eating fast food is really delicious but if we think about healthy is nothing in there. you can eat fast food but not make fast food as everyday food. in conclusion, many people eat fast food but many people too become not healthier because of fast food


Bread and Ice Cream

yummy breads

delicious ice cream

Both of bread and ice cream are favourite food for many people; but they have differences in basic ingredient, cooking process, and texture. First, basic ingredient of bread is wheat flour; whereas basic ingredient of ice cream is milk. Because of them, price of ice cream usually more expensive than bread. Second, bread made with baked in oven; but ice cream made by frozen in refrigerator. So, bread is called fresh if it still hot; in contrary, ice cream is called fresh if it still cold. Third, texture of bread is solid and can be cut. Whereas, texture of ice cream is smooth and can melt. In summary, we can choose what kind of them which we want to eat. Both of them are available in many shops in our city.

-Angelina. Salim-

you will be suprise with this photo..

you will thing  that Indonesia is beautiful with this view in the google earth

1semanggimapsemanggi bridge has bulit in Soekarno goverment. the shape like a flower sheath

2. garudacileungsithis Graha Garuda Tiara, it’s located in Cileungsi BOGOR  whichwas  use as a hotel before.

3. jembatanamperathis is Ampera bridge lenght : 1,117 m widht : 22 m height : 11,5 m. heigh 2 tower : 63 m

this bridge located in Palembang South Sumatera

4. geloramapthis is Gelora Bung Karno in Senayan Jakarta. it has been built by Soekarno to greet Asian Game IV in 1962. this stadium use to football competition and have sit capacity until 110.000 people

5. desaingelorathis is design yard in Gelora Bung Karno Stadium

6. indonesiatmiithis view in TMII in East Jakarta

7. cengkarengmapthis Soekarno -Hatta Airport located in Cengkareng West Jakarta

8. monasmapthis monas or national monument in Central Jakarta near country palace.

9. bundaranhithis a H.I circle in Jakarta. this view like human eye if you look it more and more

10. borobudurmapthis is Borobudur Temple in Magelang Central Java. it’s one of the 7 magical place in the world. its age have been 12 century with height until the top 42 m and width 123 m


*Cause-effect lifestyle phenomenon in our country

Broken Future




Broken future is an effect by drinking drugs, free sex, and insists of high performance. We often meet these three things as Indonesian lifestyle nowadays. Drinking drugs can make our body become broken because there are many dangerous essences contains in it. Drugs also can make addition to our body and make us always want to consume it again and again. If we don’t drink it, our body will feel very ill. It’s so torture! Free sex is activities to making love with many people; often changing couple only for satisfying our lust. It’s very dangerous because we can easy to get a venereal disease. Insist of high performance can waste much of our money; because to be looks as a high performance, many people buy many expensive things. People will feel proud if they have expensive things, it will make them looks so rich. Three things like this can make broken our future because it waste money and destroy our health. So, keep far from that three things and always positive thinking in your life!

-Angelina. Salim-



This word is very important for your life……….

Everyone needs it.


I Love This Cute Dog So Much!!

This dog is very sweet and has an innocent face. It eyes is very peace… I want to hug and kiss it! In the future, I sure it will become a very handsome dog………


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